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SIP Jabber

I would like to see some use cases for using a jabber server. Many Voip or Jabber Clients offer some functionalities. obviously in office enviroments a Jabber Client has some benefits over E-Mail. Does Asterisk provide an internal Jabber Server or is there an API for that? Dialplan manipulation if Employee is offline (abscent / break / ....).


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VLAN ports without bridging (using switch-chip only)

The newer CRS series has performance issues with bridging/routing (L3 max. 60mbits, VLAN Bridging 175mbits max). The switch chip can handle VLANs at wirespeed.


A tutorial that explains how to bring "untagged ports" into a VLAN using the switch chip only would be a very nice addition to your VLAN playlist. This would fill a gap in documentation of the CRS, too.


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